Chona In The City

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

i am not friendster

many of you are ask if i am friendster. is not true. i am not friendster coz i don't know how. my e-mail is not very exciting coz it is september tomorrow. my birthday is very near. my birthday is in september 11. i wish that mam tess will give me a birthday gift. =)

Monday, August 30, 2004

black chona

i try to discover who is R yesterday. last saturday night i make a plan to catch R. my plan is that i wake up very early at 2AM and clean all the household chores that aling choleng the betch assigned to me coz you know, we are like school here in the house. we have homework to do and we also have class officers. mam tess is like the president and aling choleng is the vice president. me and myrna are the members. sir arnold is like the teacher coz he is the big boss so since mam tess (the president) is in abroad, the vice president or aling choleng (betch!) is the manager in cleaning the household chores today but for sir arnold, i am the vice president coz every night, sir arnold ask mam tess to bring beer and give him foot spa or massage sometimes but when mam tess is in the abroad, i bring beer to the room of sir arnold and i give him foot spa. so for mam tess, aling choleng is the vide president but for sir arnold i am. is like teacher's pets coz sir arnold is like the teacher.
so i wake up at 2AM yesterday and i do everything that aling choleng asked me to do so i will finish early. i finish at 3:30AM. after my work, i go to the garage and hide at the back of the car of sir arnold so that i will see who will doorbell and leave me the secret letter. i wait and wait and wait. i get hungry coz it is already 10AM and no one is still doorbell and i also get very scared coz
sir arnold catch me at the back of the car. i get shocking when someone try to open the door.

sir arnold: o? chona? anong ginagawa mo dyan?

chona mae: naglilinis po.

sir arnold: e bakit nakasara lahat ng pinto at bintana? tingnan mo nga pawis na pawis ka.

chona mae: ang hirap po kasing linisin ng kotse nyo e. sinara ko na lang po para di na mapasukan ng alikabok. aalis na po ba tayo? san po tayo pupunta?

sir arnold: ano? di ka kasama. ako lang ang aalis. buksan mo na ang gate.

chona mae: pwede po bang kayo na lang magbukas? di ko po kasi ako pwdeng lumapit sa gate hangga't walang nagdo-doorbell e. masisira po ang plano.

sir arnold: anong plano? chona, ang aga aga e pinapainit mo ulo ko. gusto mo bang pauwiin na kita ng romblon?

chona mae: pwede po?

sir arnold: oo at hindi ka na babalik dito kahit kailan. gusto mo ba yun?

chona mae: ay, ayoko po.

sir arnold: pwes, buksan mo na ang gate. nagmamadali ako.

chona mae: opo sige po. wait lang sir. nagmamadali din po ako.

i open the gate but before i open it big, i look right and left just like when i am crossing the street to see if there is anyone there waiting but there is none so i open it big.
the car is leave and so is sir arnold. sir arnold dont have driver on sunday coz it is ambet's day-off on weekends. that is why sometimes i want to study driving so that i will be a driver also with day off. that is why i imagine that i am driving the car if i am using the floor polisher to shine the floor coz i think driving the floor polisher and the car is the same.
i close the gate after the car is leave the house. i cannot find a place to hide myself coz the car is not there anymore. i hide in the plants in the inside garden so that they are not see mee from the outside. is very difficult coz the sun is hot coz it is already 10:00AM. i am very wet again with sweat all over me. i did not eat breakfast and lunch coz i don't want to miss the passing by of R. i wait and wait and wait coz they say that a good motto in life is wait and wait until you are succeed. thats why i wait and wait so i will be a success.
i did not watch ASAP Mania and ASAP fanatic coz i am still waiting in the garden. is very tired but i also feel nice coz i feel that i am like proncess gonzales of the eagles in basta't kasama kita. i wait and wait and when it is already 4pm, i see someone riding a bike. he has a fat body and he stops near the gate. i try to see from the leaves. i move the leaves of the plants to see the face of the person. i think it is really R and then he goes down from his bike and doorbelled and i see that he is slide the letter below the gate but i was very shocking coz i see that R is rowena the lady guard of the village. rowena is tomboy and she is love me. i get scared and nervious coz i dont like it. i see that rowena is go away already so i walk near the gate using my hands and my knees very slowly and i see that she is give me again a rose, three judge bubble gums and one box of curly tops with a letter. i get the letter fast and run to my room. i read the letter and it say to me that:

dear chona,

mahal na mahal kita pero alam kong ayaw mo sa akin. wag kang mag-alala, hinding hindi na kita aabalahin. ito na ang huling regalo ko sayo.

is very angry coz she is tell me also her name in the letter. i wait all day and my skin is now very black because of the sun. before i am light black but now i am black. sayang lang paghihintay ko sasabihin din naman pala. muntik pa akong mahuli ni sir arnold. hmp!

ang hapdi ng mukha ko. =(

Friday, August 27, 2004

secret letter

sorry is very busy today. many work coz mam tess is not yet come back here. mam tess say that the house should be very clean even if she is gone. i was cleaning our kitchen showcase when someone doorbelled in the gate. i run and run very fast and go out to answer the doorbell but there was no one on the outside. i open the gate and go outside and see a box of curly tops and three bazooka bubble gums with a letter. i was very shocking coz the letter is for me. the letter say:

dear chona,
There I was
Waiting for a chance
Hoping that you'll understand
The things I wanna say
As my love went stronger than before
I wanna see you more and more
But you closed your doorWhy don't you try
To open up your heart
I won't take so much of your time

Maybe, it's wrong to say please love me too'
Coz I know you'll never do
Somebody else is waiting there inside for you

Maybe it's wrong to love you more each day
'Coz I know he's here to stay
But I know to whom you should belong
I believed what you said to me
We should set each other free
That's how you want it to be
But my love went stronger than before
I wanna see you more and moreBut you closed your door
Why don't you try to open up your heart
I won't take so much of your time

Maybe, it's wrong to say please love me too
'Coz I know you'll never do
Somebody else is waiting there inside for you
Maybe it's wrong to love you more each day
'Coz I know he's here to stay
But my love is strongI don't know if this is wrong
But I know to whom you should belong
Maybe, it's wrong to say please love me too
'Coz I know you'll never do
Somebody else is waiting there inside for you
Maybe it's wrong to love you more each day
'Coz I know he's here to stay
But my love is strongI don't know if this is wrong
But I know to whom you should belong


first i think it is reynanteng pangit again but reyanante is not know how to read and write very much. he only knows how to count but not read and write very much. i dont understand the poem very much also. please explain to me the meaning. but i still have a problem, i do not know how to answer it coz i do not know where to bring it. i can go to the pose office and drop the letter but i dont know the address.

Monday, August 23, 2004

no vacation

i'm happy that many of you are still write to me here. you make me very happy and inspire me also in doing my job and in cleaning the household chores. you always give me more power.

i ask mam tess last saturday if i can have a homecoming in romblon and vacation to see my mama and my papa. is very nervous coz mam tess do not like it everytime i ask her for vacation. maybe she is scared to loose me coz i know that mam tess will missed me if i leave.

i go to the upstairs of the house to go to the room of mam tess. i face the door for a while coz i cannot knock. is very scared and is very nervious. i'm very wet. my face is full of sweat. i hear footsteps in the inside of the room. i hear and i feel that mam tess is coming out of the room. when i see that the doornab is moving, i turn my back and face the wall so that she will not know that i am waiting in the outside.

mam tess: o? chona? bat ka nakaharang sa daan? tumabi ka nga.

chona mae: po? naglilinis po ako.

mam tess: naglilinis? nakatulala ka lang e. tumabi ka nga, di ako makalabas ng kwarto.

chona mae: tapos napo ako maglinis. iniinspeksyoin ko na lang po kung madumi pa yung kisame.
mam tess: niloloko mo ba ako? humarap ka nga sa akin at tumabi ka dyan. di ako makalabas ng pinto. nakaharang ka sa dadaanan ko.

chona mae: sorry po.

mam tess: malinis na ba ang kusina?

chona: mam?

mam tess: o? sabi ko, kung nalinis mo na ang kusina.

chona mae: opo. wala na po yung kusina. the kitchen is gone

mam tess: ano? anong wala na?

chona mae: ay. wala na pong dumi. sorry po. is my fault. wrong answer.

mam tess: a ewan sige. mawawala nga pala ako ng ilang araw. aalis ako sa monday pupunta akong bangkok. kayo na bahala dito sa bahay ha. isang linggo akong mawawala.

chona mae: aalis din po kayo?

mam tess: oo. bakit? sino pang aalis?

chona mae: aalis din po ako e. uuwi po akong romblon.

mam tess: teka, nagpaalam ka na ba? kanino ka nagpaalam?

i get scared after coz the voice of mam tess is louder coz she is surprised.

chona mae: po? joke lang po. happy trips po. di po ako aalis.

mam tess. a ewan. sige na. may pupuntahan pa ako.

that's why i am not leave coz i was not able to ask. maybe next time maybe. hay. i'm very boring here in the house. i want to go home and go to the beach coz we have many pretty beaches in romblon. we are also near boracay but boracay is the beach of the rich people and of the celebrities so i am not go there. i will only go there if mam tess is go there.

i'm also sad coz some are joking me and saying that they are reynante and that they have a sight like me. they even copy the design of my sight with falling dots from all over the place. reynante is not know how to write and read. he only knows little. he is only grade one and then he stopped. reynante's true name is reynante jose p. aragon not reynante bercasio. dah! you cannot joke me. i am smart and bright and intelligent and wise and brilliant and fine also.

p.s. again.

i hope mam tess will buy me new bra and panty and a sholder bag from bangkok so that i will have imported things but she always give me kitkat and nestle crunch and butterfingers when she comes from abroad but is ok. i like chocolates.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

to anonymous, you write here many times and i am answer all the questions you ask today. is not true that my mam tess is meet and sex with Ramson Llanto coz mam tess don't eat lugaw and is not go to goodah in libis coz it is not a class place. mam tess say that goodah is like a restaurant in a CR coz the tables are tiles just like the walls and the floors of the CR. please do not intrigue and controversy my mam tess and i am not use yanie as my name . my name is chona not yanie i only use my name coz i dont have alias or screen name. i am not crush with sir jeff and especially with reynante. i do not know anyone who is job hunting today. is very sorry coz i cannot give you a helper. if you want you can get aling choleng and myrna altogether coz they are steal my room and my bed.
aling choleng and myrna come here yesterday. aling choleng is very filling. filling maganda and filling magaling. she is say many things like:

"ano ba to? nawala lang ako ang dumi ng bahay. andaming alikabok. chona, naglilinis ka ba? di ba turo ko sayo araw-araw ang linis. di ba nagagalit si mam tess nyan? napakapasensyosa talaga ni mam tess. naku, chona, maswerte ka. pero ngayong nandito nako, di na pwede yang ganyan"

dah, dumumi ang bahay kasi dumating kayo, maalikabok kasi mga katawan nyo. amoy dagat na amoy bus pa nga kayo e. pasensyosa? sinong pasensyosa? e lagi ngang sumisigaw. naku, mga bwisit kayo ng buhay ko.

and when it is sleeping time, i am prepare my bed and aling choleng say to me:

aling choleng: "dito ka na sa sahig, matanda nako masakit sa likod kung dito ako sa sahig matutulog"

chona mae: " kasya naman po tayo dito sa kama e. pang dalawang tao po ito."

aling choleng: "e si myrna? saan mo pahihigain si myrna? alangan namang yung bata pa ang sa sahig"

chona mae: "e di kami ni myrna sa kama. bata
pala dapat sa kama e."

aling choleng: ano? bastos ka a? sumsagot ka ba?

chona mae: sabi ko nga sa sahig ako. betch

aling choleng: anong sabi mo?

chona mae: it is in english. you are not. you dont know. i'm sleeping. bad night.

i want to go home to romblon and vacation for a moment coz i feel alone. i missed mama and papa. i will tell mam tess tomorrow. i hope mam tess will say yes.

Monday, August 16, 2004

wanted: choleng and myrna

is very sorry to hundun and to ~tin~ coz i wasnt go to the gimik coz mam tess dont want me to go coz aling choleng and myrna are still not come. they promise that they will come in saturday and they are not come. mam tess is getting angry to them.choleng and myrna are very unprofessional. they are not come on time.bahala sila. is very happy also coz many people are write here in the comments and many say i am a good poser. i dont know why you say it coz you dont see my pictures yet. i will put here pictures in the future so that you will see my pretty poses and say that i am a good poser in picture-takings. =)nora is write to me here and she is say that she is also a helper and she is grow up in romblon and she is also create a sight like mine. hmp!. hoy! you are nothing but a second place trying hard copy girl! gaya-gaya! but is ok also coz im also happy that other helpers are also make sights like me. so is ok. im happy for you nora.many of you are also say that i am crush with sir jeff. i am not crush with him ok. dont link me with him. for one and for all, i am not crush with him. i dont have a crush. ok? =)i watch 30 days last friday and dino guevarra is win. his wife is very fat body. her full body is very big.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

red face chona

my face is red today i dont know why. i'm alone in the house. sir arnold is in business meeting and mam tess is also in her own business meeting. i am alone in the house and the telephone ringed and ringed. i was cleaning the kitchen and i run and run and run really fast coz i think it was mam tess coz mam tess want me to answer the phone in 3 rings only or else she will get angry and say that i am sleeping again. i get tired and i cant breath because of the running. i answer the phone and i say in a very happy voice:

"heloh! good morning!"

and the voice on the phone is a boy. he say to me.

"hello? who's this?"

he is in english and mam tess teach me that if a questiuon is in english, i try to amnswer in english also so i answer:

"is chona mae. who's this?
and the boy say to me:

"oh! chona! this is jeff. is mom home?"

i get nervous and surprised. sir jeff surprise me even if its not my birthday. so i say to him again. of course it is in english coz he is still in english.

chona mae: home? no. she is in meeting for the business for your future.

sir jeff: ha? a. sorry. ah si daddy?

chona mae: meeting also. you know.

sir jeff: ganun ba? ikumusta mo na lang muna ako kay mommy at daddy ha?

chona mae: naku. i'm fine and i thank you sir and you?

sir jeff: ha? o sige tawag na lang ako later. don't forget to tell mom and dad that i called ha? sige bye have to go. take care.

chona mae: naku, take care din po.

but sir jeff closed the phone before i finish saying take care. i dont know but is very happy and i run again to my room and i see that i am red in the face.

mam tess also say that aling choleng and myrna will come here in saturday. i will ask mam tess if i can vacation on saturday coz i think is ok coz she will have 2 helpers so i can vacation on saturday. hundun and ~tin~ is invite me to gimik with them in Greenbelt 3 in Krocodile Grill in saturday for bloggers night. i will go there coz hundun always send me email and she is now my friend. hundun say to me that all people who have a sight like mine will go there. but i dont know where is krocodile grill but hundun say it is near absent in the thrid floor. high building. i am very exciting. i wish that drama queen claudin is go there. i will bring my notebook for autograph.

p.s. hundun promise me to teach me to put tagboard in my blog so everyone can write here also. i will pit tagboard if i already have new knowledge for it. i will buy film on saturday and bring my camera in the party so i will have pictures here also.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

new helpers are late or absent

is very sorry to cyanide saliva. myrna is the pamangkin of aling choleng. i ask mam tess what is child in tagalog. it is anak pala. i'm wrong i'm sorry coz i thought anak is kids in english. please forgive very happy also that helpers in libis also read me. our house is almost near libis. i passed libis before and i see many disco lights. is a disco house? i think maricar, madge, rosey are dancers in the disco. i'm jealous with you coz i dreamed and ambitioned to be a dancer also but i am now happy as a helper coz i live in a big and pretty house already and we have 2 cars also.aling choleng and myrna are net yet her. maybe it is traffic. i hope they dont come anymore but i am also exciting sometimes coz i am always alone if mam tess and sir arnold are go to the out of town but i am also scared coz aling choleng is always angry. i was only 2 months here at home when she she is go back home to her province but aling choleng is not know anything in computers or PC (personal computer) coz she is very old already but i will not teach Myrna to use the PC.they are still not here and mam tess that they wiill be here in the morning but it is already afternoon. they are late. i wish they are not late but absent.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

new helpers =(

is very sorry but i am basting kablag. i dont want a bf/love team. i'm too young and i want to focus on my work here at home. i am basting you kablag. basted ka! hoy reynante! kasali ka sa nabasted. kala mo dyan.i have bad news. the old mayordoma of the house of mam tess is coming. it means that i have a boss. mam tess and sir arnold is the boss but the old mayordoma is also my boss. i am third place now here in the house. mam tess tells me that aling choleng is coming with myrna to join me in cleaning the household chores. aling choleng left the house before coz her husband was sicked and she needs to go to her town to heal her sicked husband. myrna is her child. i think she is 13 years old only. mam tess says to me that i have to clean my room coz they are coming tomorrow. katulong din ba ako ng katulong nila? katulong ako ng lahat? di ba dapat sila na maglinis nun kasi katulong din naman sila? kelan bako mapo-promote? sabi ko kay mam tess kung magpapatahi nako ng bagong uniform kasi mayordoma nako sabi ni mam tess hindi daw. kasi si aling choleng daw ay 15 years na nilang katulong kaya si aling choleng ang mayordoma. bagong kasal pa lang daw sila e katulong na nila yun. i also ask mam tess if myrna will be my assistant coz she is only new and i am 4 years here. but mam tess say:"tanga! pamangkin yun ni choleng. wag mong uutus-utusan yun. hindi ka amo dito. baka tarayan mo yung bata ha. naku chona. lagot ka sakin pag nalaman kong pinapasa mo lahat ng trabaho mo kay myrna. mag-aaral si myrna pero tutulong din sya sa inyo."i feel sad coz mam tess stopped me in my school and myrna is go to school even if she is only new here. sabi nga ni korina sanchez, kahit san may pulitika. hmp! ayan. tuloy, naiiyak nako.p.s. to pinay psycho: i like judy ann also coz she is also a good cryer but she has a fat face. claudine is sexier. so she is the best.

Monday, August 09, 2004


is very tired today and my full body hurts coz i cleaned all over the house yesterday but is ok. at least the house is still pretty and clean because of me and i make mam tess and sir arnold very happy. many are still send me an email to join friendster but marian say that i find bf (boyfriend) there. i don't want to find a bf/love team coz i'm still young. i want to focus on my work first.
many people are still ask me many questions so i answer them again.
dear trina,
mam tess and sir jeff dont have pets. mam tess is allergy to cats and dogs. if they have party here and their friends ask her if they have pets, sir arnold always say:
"bat pa kami kukuha e ayan na o? and then he will point to me.

hmp! but they say, they cannot take care of an animal coz they are busy and it will just be my pet coz i will take care of it so ma m tess and sir arnold will just take care of me. =)

dear cyanide saliva,
claudine is my best favorite actress. she is number one coz she is a good cryer in tv and in movie and is very pretty too.

dear ~tin~,
what is bloggers night? mam tess will ask me what is it. pls tell me and tell me also too what time and where is it? is it in the clubhouse?

dear sr. carmen,
are you the friend of fr. joey? i will ask mam tess first if i can join friendster coz mam tess dont want me to join barkadas in the village and also sorority when i was still going to school in st. chamuel. i ask her first if i can join friendster.

dear marian,
my sweldo is every 30. sorry but it is in secret why i am sad.

dear anonymous,
you always write to me and say many things. i think the war in terrorism is a bad war coz they kill people and children are always crying. if you hurt one person, they hurt you also, if we will war the terrorist, they will also war us and we will just war each other forever coz we will also war them again if they war us back. peace is always the best coz if we peace them, they will also peace us. i dont know the law of supply and demand coz i am not a lawyer or a police. i also dont know the trends in the global economic market coz i dont read magazines but when i go to the market, i wear my pants uniform and mam tess wear the clothes we buy in greenbelt 3 and mam tess is class so i think mam tess wears the trend. i dont know if catwoman feels better or if garfield feels better. sorry... =)

Friday, August 06, 2004


i'm exciting today coz i see in the comments page that drama queen write me a letter. i'm so happy coz claudine barretto is writing me a letter. =) and is visit my sight. i wish that you can autograph my sight coz i think you are really number one. there are also other people who send me email inviting me to join friendster and ask me if i am friendster. i dont know friendster. i tried but i cant. is very difficult. please teach me and tell me what is there coz i'm scared also (but only a little bit) coz mam tess and sir arnold tell me that i should not go to bold sights with bold pictures and movies but mam tess dont know that i catch sir arnold going to bold sights one time before. is that a bold sight? please tell me. xtine also write me a letter. she have nice name coz is like xmas/christmas =) but i dont missed reynante noh. reynante is ugly. hoy reynante! pangit ka! mamatay ka na! wag ka nang babalik dito! hmp! tinapon ko na yung mga bulaklak mo. kala mo dyan!i got sad yesterday but it is in secret. i dont want to tell you. maybe later maybe but not now =)slate and fawee also touched me yesterday coz they invite mo to drink cofee but i cannot go out coz mam tess will not allow me coz i dont have day off and we already have cofee here in the house (3in1 and tasters choice) but mam tess dont want me to drink tasters choice coz she say is very bad for the health coz 3in1 have vitamins but not tasters choice. heloh! ano kala mo sakin tanga? imported kasi kaya ayaw mo. pag nagpapatimpla ka ng kape mo sakin, 3in1 ang ginagamit ko. itsura nito. damot. i am not unsmart and unbright coz chona is very smart and bright girl but i get guilty sometimes bit i dont do it anymore. i only do it when you shout at me and ask me to make cofee for you after.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

sad chona

i'm sad today... =(

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

bwisit ka reynante!

i'm really hate with reynante. filling masyado. filling pogi. ampangit naman. i was cleaning the kitchen. wiping the kitchen showcase of mam tess and then someone doorbelled. i go out and i see reynante. i say to him:

"kakadiliver mo lang nung isang araw di ba? di naman ako tumatawag sayo a. ba't ka andito?"

and then reynante just smile and say:

"miss na kita e. bakit? bawal ka bang dalawin? miss mo nako no?"

i close the door with a bang and i leave him outside. i bang the door so that he knows that i'm angry with him. hmp! inis! nakakagigil! pangit pangit! after a short time, he doorbelled again. i go out again and he is gone but he left flowers at the floor near the gate. he left 3 flowers. i get the flower coz mam tess and sir arnold will be coming soon and they will get mad coz there is trash in the gate. i get the flowers but i see that the flowers are from our outside garden. reynante destroyed the flowers of mam tess coz he gets three from them. asar! papahamak pa ko! bwisit! magagalit na naman si mam tess. naku! reynante ikaw ang bwisit ng buhay ko! asar! pangit! baho mo!

question and answer portion

many of you are ask many questions. i dont know why. but hear are my answers to all of the questions that you are asking. first, i answer teki's questions and the question of her helpers coz they say teki is the boss:


1. hindi kasi ako marunong magplansta. kahit naplantsa ko, nagugusot pag suot ko na. May tips ka ba pano magplantsa?

2. nagagalit ako sa labandera namin. una, ang bilis bilis nya maglaba tapos parang may mantsa palagi yung mga white blouse ko. Kaya nagpapalaba na lang ako sa laundry shop kahit mahal. Ano kaya ang dapat gawin ko?

3. marunong ka bang magluto? pano magluto ng menudo?

4 crush mo si sir jeff no?

5. sino kamukha ni mam tess?

6. kelan ulit tayo magshopping ni mam tess?

Answers: not an expert but i know little only. but mam tess say im good. nagugusot talaga ng konti ang damit pag sinusuot but i think you should be steady in wearing your clothes or dressess coz if you move a lot, magugusot damit mo but my uniform (the skirt and the pants uniform) i almirol them so they wont get gusot. even if i move a lot of times and clean the household chores, it is still hard but itchy sometimes but its ok. but mam tess clothes and dressess are always straight. hindi nagugusot i think that is coz she is class.

2. dont be angry with your helper. i know she is doing her best and her all to wash your clothes and clean your laundry but maybe sometimes it is not enuogh. you should study to wash your very own clothes but dont get angry at yourself if there is a mistake in your own washing coz is your fault.

3. i know how to cook. im all the round. i know how to cook menudo coz it is sir jeff's favorite food. =)

4. im not crush with sir jeff. heloh? he's pogi but im not crush with him. and its ok if i have a crush in him coz crush is paghanga only but im not crush with him. =)

5. mam tess look like butch anson roa the actress. i think she is also a senator.

6. i dont know when mam tess will go shopping again but i dont know if you can join us coz its only mam tess and myself. sorry... =(

To Anonymous:

someone write in the comments and say that i am a poser. no. i am not a poser. i am a helper but before, i dream and ambitioned to be a model and pose in posters and magazines and newspapers (small and big) but it didnt come true. sometimes i pose on picture takings especially in christmas here in valle verde coz mam tess dont let me go home to romblon sometimes coz she needs help to ready the party of the house and if i leave, no one will clean the household chores and the house will be dirty. i am not a poser but i pose sometimes. ok? peace.p.s. i answer teki's questions maybe later maybe coz i'm busy. but just a little bit. =)

Monday, August 02, 2004

i have email!

hi! is me again, chona mae banaag but you can call me chona for sure. i say this coz many people are asking and for you also to know my full names. i post a picture of mine tomorrow maybe but if not, maybe next time maybe. i am surprise coz many people are exciting in this site. they cannot wait for me to write again. i just want to say hi to all of you. you know who you are and thank you for visiting me like Je, cesxy, teki, trina, patricia, gwen, dark winter (is that weather?), psycholoves, and to anonymous also. i try to go to your sight in the internet but cannot understand sometimes coz the english are deeper also. mine is deep but yours are deeper. hope you write me also your experiences with your sir and mam so we can relate and i will also write them hear. you can write to in the internet by email. my email add is coz i get sad a lot coz mam tess dont want me to go to the pose office to write to my mama and papa. i want penpals. i cannot have textmate coz my phone is destroyed when it fell. they say that i also have chat in YM but i dont know how to chat in YM but i will write to you once i have new knowledge. thanks for d space.


Is been many days since i last write here coz i am very busy with work coz weekend is major cleaning in the house. i'm so tired. very much. the house is very big and i am the only one person cleaning all the household chores. mam tess always say: "bukas lilinisin nating ang buong bahay ha. gumising ka ng maagap tapos grocery tayo sa rustans" but she doesnt clean the household chores she is only shouting and shouting and telling me instructions.

"magsimula ka sa kwarto ng sir jeff mo"

and then i go there to clean. on my way up as i am climbing the upstairs of the house, i hear again mam tess saying:

"o? chona? asan ka na? di ba sabi ko eto munang kusina? ano bang pinagkakaabalahan mo dyan? computer na naman ano?"

heloh! dah! sabi mo kwarto ni sir jeff tapos magagalit ka at bigla mong sasabihin na sa kusina muna. layo nun sa kusina no. the kitchen is in downstairs and the room of sir jeff is in the upstairs. heloh! are you drugs? inis! tapos bintang kagad may masabi lang. bakit pa kasi di na lang ako hayaang dumiskarte. diskarte ko na to mam. sino ba katulong dito? ako di ba? amo ka e. amo! do you clean? no! you are not clean! i clean! you only pay me! is sir arnold pay you to shout at me and make epal in my cleaning? no! you are not! he is not! i know that if it is weekend, i do major cleaning all over the house. i clean all rooms and the cabinets and do floorwax and mopping. i wipe all appliances and clean the car but i think the driver should clean the car coz i am not use it. did i? i also wash your clothes and your laundry and then iron them tomorrow. in cleaning the household chores, i know that i clean all over the house so if it is my room first that i clean, is the same coz after the day, when it is already night, all over the house is clean and tidy. my hole body is painful. i miss mama and papa and sir jeff too coz he is in the states. =)

p.s. i have new knowledge. i know how to slide letters already like this and double write them so its thick letters not thin letters anymore like this.