Chona In The City

Monday, August 02, 2004


Is been many days since i last write here coz i am very busy with work coz weekend is major cleaning in the house. i'm so tired. very much. the house is very big and i am the only one person cleaning all the household chores. mam tess always say: "bukas lilinisin nating ang buong bahay ha. gumising ka ng maagap tapos grocery tayo sa rustans" but she doesnt clean the household chores she is only shouting and shouting and telling me instructions.

"magsimula ka sa kwarto ng sir jeff mo"

and then i go there to clean. on my way up as i am climbing the upstairs of the house, i hear again mam tess saying:

"o? chona? asan ka na? di ba sabi ko eto munang kusina? ano bang pinagkakaabalahan mo dyan? computer na naman ano?"

heloh! dah! sabi mo kwarto ni sir jeff tapos magagalit ka at bigla mong sasabihin na sa kusina muna. layo nun sa kusina no. the kitchen is in downstairs and the room of sir jeff is in the upstairs. heloh! are you drugs? inis! tapos bintang kagad may masabi lang. bakit pa kasi di na lang ako hayaang dumiskarte. diskarte ko na to mam. sino ba katulong dito? ako di ba? amo ka e. amo! do you clean? no! you are not clean! i clean! you only pay me! is sir arnold pay you to shout at me and make epal in my cleaning? no! you are not! he is not! i know that if it is weekend, i do major cleaning all over the house. i clean all rooms and the cabinets and do floorwax and mopping. i wipe all appliances and clean the car but i think the driver should clean the car coz i am not use it. did i? i also wash your clothes and your laundry and then iron them tomorrow. in cleaning the household chores, i know that i clean all over the house so if it is my room first that i clean, is the same coz after the day, when it is already night, all over the house is clean and tidy. my hole body is painful. i miss mama and papa and sir jeff too coz he is in the states. =)

p.s. i have new knowledge. i know how to slide letters already like this and double write them so its thick letters not thin letters anymore like this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahihihihi natatawa ako sayo chona nakakapawi ka tuloy ng problema.

god bless you!!!

1:01 AM  
Blogger honeyhoneyhoney said...

chona iba ka...idol officemate sent ur blogs to God i almost end up crying sa sobrang kakatawa...chona pag may nagtayo ng fans club mo ako president iba ka!!!!as in!!!i hope to hear more from you...pag wala akong calls sa office, kahit pauli ulit kong basahin ang mga blogs mo hindi ako magsasawa!!!sana add mo ko sa friends mo para bigyan kita testi...take care!!!!!the best ka!!!!i learned something, hindi porke helper lang, mababa ang tingin...ika nga nila....DONT JUDGE THE BOOK BY EACH OTHER HAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!LOVE U

1:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ayikee...c chona.!! mei crush kay sir jeff nia.!haha..uyy..kilig.!haha...CHONA LOVE JEFF FOREVER.!


8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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