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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

To Anonymous:

someone write in the comments and say that i am a poser. no. i am not a poser. i am a helper but before, i dream and ambitioned to be a model and pose in posters and magazines and newspapers (small and big) but it didnt come true. sometimes i pose on picture takings especially in christmas here in valle verde coz mam tess dont let me go home to romblon sometimes coz she needs help to ready the party of the house and if i leave, no one will clean the household chores and the house will be dirty. i am not a poser but i pose sometimes. ok? peace.p.s. i answer teki's questions maybe later maybe coz i'm busy. but just a little bit. =)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the BEZZZ!!!! Keep on writing CHONA!!! Though it's kinda late for a reply, just the same, you made my day!!! Can WE BE FRIENDSHIP? :P LOL (P.S. Di po kita minumura) Keep on writing and making people smile and even better, laugh their hearts out and make their day! MWAH!!!

2:19 AM  
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Blogger micmic said...

Chona i hope i can see you can not be in person, its ok it can be in your pictures, i'm really having fun reading your blogs. keep on writing you'll be doing great, practice makes you perfect and fluent in english, i came from those steps also :)) have a good day, i hope we'll be friends :))

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Armine Rhea Mendoza said...

Sayang, di ko inabot ang kasagsagan ng pamamayagpag ni Chona. ;(

2:06 AM  

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