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Monday, August 02, 2004

i have email!

hi! is me again, chona mae banaag but you can call me chona for sure. i say this coz many people are asking and for you also to know my full names. i post a picture of mine tomorrow maybe but if not, maybe next time maybe. i am surprise coz many people are exciting in this site. they cannot wait for me to write again. i just want to say hi to all of you. you know who you are and thank you for visiting me like Je, cesxy, teki, trina, patricia, gwen, dark winter (is that weather?), psycholoves, and to anonymous also. i try to go to your sight in the internet but cannot understand sometimes coz the english are deeper also. mine is deep but yours are deeper. hope you write me also your experiences with your sir and mam so we can relate and i will also write them hear. you can write to in the internet by email. my email add is coz i get sad a lot coz mam tess dont want me to go to the pose office to write to my mama and papa. i want penpals. i cannot have textmate coz my phone is destroyed when it fell. they say that i also have chat in YM but i dont know how to chat in YM but i will write to you once i have new knowledge. thanks for d space.


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