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Monday, August 16, 2004

wanted: choleng and myrna

is very sorry to hundun and to ~tin~ coz i wasnt go to the gimik coz mam tess dont want me to go coz aling choleng and myrna are still not come. they promise that they will come in saturday and they are not come. mam tess is getting angry to them.choleng and myrna are very unprofessional. they are not come on time.bahala sila. is very happy also coz many people are write here in the comments and many say i am a good poser. i dont know why you say it coz you dont see my pictures yet. i will put here pictures in the future so that you will see my pretty poses and say that i am a good poser in picture-takings. =)nora is write to me here and she is say that she is also a helper and she is grow up in romblon and she is also create a sight like mine. hmp!. hoy! you are nothing but a second place trying hard copy girl! gaya-gaya! but is ok also coz im also happy that other helpers are also make sights like me. so is ok. im happy for you nora.many of you are also say that i am crush with sir jeff. i am not crush with him ok. dont link me with him. for one and for all, i am not crush with him. i dont have a crush. ok? =)i watch 30 days last friday and dino guevarra is win. his wife is very fat body. her full body is very big.


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10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are u trying 2 speak english??
i cant barely understnd it..
so sori

6:26 PM  

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