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Monday, August 09, 2004


is very tired today and my full body hurts coz i cleaned all over the house yesterday but is ok. at least the house is still pretty and clean because of me and i make mam tess and sir arnold very happy. many are still send me an email to join friendster but marian say that i find bf (boyfriend) there. i don't want to find a bf/love team coz i'm still young. i want to focus on my work first.
many people are still ask me many questions so i answer them again.
dear trina,
mam tess and sir jeff dont have pets. mam tess is allergy to cats and dogs. if they have party here and their friends ask her if they have pets, sir arnold always say:
"bat pa kami kukuha e ayan na o? and then he will point to me.

hmp! but they say, they cannot take care of an animal coz they are busy and it will just be my pet coz i will take care of it so ma m tess and sir arnold will just take care of me. =)

dear cyanide saliva,
claudine is my best favorite actress. she is number one coz she is a good cryer in tv and in movie and is very pretty too.

dear ~tin~,
what is bloggers night? mam tess will ask me what is it. pls tell me and tell me also too what time and where is it? is it in the clubhouse?

dear sr. carmen,
are you the friend of fr. joey? i will ask mam tess first if i can join friendster coz mam tess dont want me to join barkadas in the village and also sorority when i was still going to school in st. chamuel. i ask her first if i can join friendster.

dear marian,
my sweldo is every 30. sorry but it is in secret why i am sad.

dear anonymous,
you always write to me and say many things. i think the war in terrorism is a bad war coz they kill people and children are always crying. if you hurt one person, they hurt you also, if we will war the terrorist, they will also war us and we will just war each other forever coz we will also war them again if they war us back. peace is always the best coz if we peace them, they will also peace us. i dont know the law of supply and demand coz i am not a lawyer or a police. i also dont know the trends in the global economic market coz i dont read magazines but when i go to the market, i wear my pants uniform and mam tess wear the clothes we buy in greenbelt 3 and mam tess is class so i think mam tess wears the trend. i dont know if catwoman feels better or if garfield feels better. sorry... =)


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