Chona In The City

Friday, August 06, 2004


i'm exciting today coz i see in the comments page that drama queen write me a letter. i'm so happy coz claudine barretto is writing me a letter. =) and is visit my sight. i wish that you can autograph my sight coz i think you are really number one. there are also other people who send me email inviting me to join friendster and ask me if i am friendster. i dont know friendster. i tried but i cant. is very difficult. please teach me and tell me what is there coz i'm scared also (but only a little bit) coz mam tess and sir arnold tell me that i should not go to bold sights with bold pictures and movies but mam tess dont know that i catch sir arnold going to bold sights one time before. is that a bold sight? please tell me. xtine also write me a letter. she have nice name coz is like xmas/christmas =) but i dont missed reynante noh. reynante is ugly. hoy reynante! pangit ka! mamatay ka na! wag ka nang babalik dito! hmp! tinapon ko na yung mga bulaklak mo. kala mo dyan!i got sad yesterday but it is in secret. i dont want to tell you. maybe later maybe but not now =)slate and fawee also touched me yesterday coz they invite mo to drink cofee but i cannot go out coz mam tess will not allow me coz i dont have day off and we already have cofee here in the house (3in1 and tasters choice) but mam tess dont want me to drink tasters choice coz she say is very bad for the health coz 3in1 have vitamins but not tasters choice. heloh! ano kala mo sakin tanga? imported kasi kaya ayaw mo. pag nagpapatimpla ka ng kape mo sakin, 3in1 ang ginagamit ko. itsura nito. damot. i am not unsmart and unbright coz chona is very smart and bright girl but i get guilty sometimes bit i dont do it anymore. i only do it when you shout at me and ask me to make cofee for you after.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

chona, ang galing mo talaga.......!
tanong ko lang...may kilala ka bang pangalan niya YUKA?

5:47 PM  
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