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Thursday, August 12, 2004

red face chona

my face is red today i dont know why. i'm alone in the house. sir arnold is in business meeting and mam tess is also in her own business meeting. i am alone in the house and the telephone ringed and ringed. i was cleaning the kitchen and i run and run and run really fast coz i think it was mam tess coz mam tess want me to answer the phone in 3 rings only or else she will get angry and say that i am sleeping again. i get tired and i cant breath because of the running. i answer the phone and i say in a very happy voice:

"heloh! good morning!"

and the voice on the phone is a boy. he say to me.

"hello? who's this?"

he is in english and mam tess teach me that if a questiuon is in english, i try to amnswer in english also so i answer:

"is chona mae. who's this?
and the boy say to me:

"oh! chona! this is jeff. is mom home?"

i get nervous and surprised. sir jeff surprise me even if its not my birthday. so i say to him again. of course it is in english coz he is still in english.

chona mae: home? no. she is in meeting for the business for your future.

sir jeff: ha? a. sorry. ah si daddy?

chona mae: meeting also. you know.

sir jeff: ganun ba? ikumusta mo na lang muna ako kay mommy at daddy ha?

chona mae: naku. i'm fine and i thank you sir and you?

sir jeff: ha? o sige tawag na lang ako later. don't forget to tell mom and dad that i called ha? sige bye have to go. take care.

chona mae: naku, take care din po.

but sir jeff closed the phone before i finish saying take care. i dont know but is very happy and i run again to my room and i see that i am red in the face.

mam tess also say that aling choleng and myrna will come here in saturday. i will ask mam tess if i can vacation on saturday coz i think is ok coz she will have 2 helpers so i can vacation on saturday. hundun and ~tin~ is invite me to gimik with them in Greenbelt 3 in Krocodile Grill in saturday for bloggers night. i will go there coz hundun always send me email and she is now my friend. hundun say to me that all people who have a sight like mine will go there. but i dont know where is krocodile grill but hundun say it is near absent in the thrid floor. high building. i am very exciting. i wish that drama queen claudin is go there. i will bring my notebook for autograph.

p.s. hundun promise me to teach me to put tagboard in my blog so everyone can write here also. i will pit tagboard if i already have new knowledge for it. i will buy film on saturday and bring my camera in the party so i will have pictures here also.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

astig ng blog mu!!!! sobrang nkktwa. sumasakit na panga ko sa kakatawa ngaun mag-isa lng ako tumatawa dito. ~zoerte~ :-D

1:46 AM  
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7:53 PM  
Blogger songbird said...

its really funny!....nakakatanggal ng stress......

10:38 AM  
Blogger songbird said...

its really funny...nakakatanggal ng stress....

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahhahaha! naku sige ka, pag na lu\ock jaw ako mag aadvans ka kay ma'am tess pang pa ospital ko haahhaa!!!

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahhahaha! naku sige ka, pag na luck joe ako mag aadvans ka kay ma'am tess pang pa ospital ko haahhaa!!! no chip and pay sa ospital ha?? LOL!

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Chona wag mong pansinin si UP professor kaya nag comment yon is para mapansin na malalim siya mag ingles.Propessor ng U.P. pinatulan ang imaginary character ni CHONA MAE BANAAG ? Ang pumapatol sa TANGA is TANGA di ba PROPESOR X?

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha ha !
you are so funny chona mae!

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

chona mae.
is red face ha?hahahaha..

----------is this for real?di nga..:)) good luck nalang..

5:46 PM  
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