Chona In The City

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

new helpers =(

is very sorry but i am basting kablag. i dont want a bf/love team. i'm too young and i want to focus on my work here at home. i am basting you kablag. basted ka! hoy reynante! kasali ka sa nabasted. kala mo dyan.i have bad news. the old mayordoma of the house of mam tess is coming. it means that i have a boss. mam tess and sir arnold is the boss but the old mayordoma is also my boss. i am third place now here in the house. mam tess tells me that aling choleng is coming with myrna to join me in cleaning the household chores. aling choleng left the house before coz her husband was sicked and she needs to go to her town to heal her sicked husband. myrna is her child. i think she is 13 years old only. mam tess says to me that i have to clean my room coz they are coming tomorrow. katulong din ba ako ng katulong nila? katulong ako ng lahat? di ba dapat sila na maglinis nun kasi katulong din naman sila? kelan bako mapo-promote? sabi ko kay mam tess kung magpapatahi nako ng bagong uniform kasi mayordoma nako sabi ni mam tess hindi daw. kasi si aling choleng daw ay 15 years na nilang katulong kaya si aling choleng ang mayordoma. bagong kasal pa lang daw sila e katulong na nila yun. i also ask mam tess if myrna will be my assistant coz she is only new and i am 4 years here. but mam tess say:"tanga! pamangkin yun ni choleng. wag mong uutus-utusan yun. hindi ka amo dito. baka tarayan mo yung bata ha. naku chona. lagot ka sakin pag nalaman kong pinapasa mo lahat ng trabaho mo kay myrna. mag-aaral si myrna pero tutulong din sya sa inyo."i feel sad coz mam tess stopped me in my school and myrna is go to school even if she is only new here. sabi nga ni korina sanchez, kahit san may pulitika. hmp! ayan. tuloy, naiiyak nako.p.s. to pinay psycho: i like judy ann also coz she is also a good cryer but she has a fat face. claudine is sexier. so she is the best.


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Blogger Roberto Iza said...

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