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Friday, September 03, 2004

thanks fetisha!

is very thankful to all who greet me advance happy birthday. is really very happy. i have many friends now coz before no one greets me happy birthday coz my family and friends in romblon cannot call me here to greet me . fetisha touched me yesterday coz she is write a poem for me in her websight. i copy the poem here so that you will see it.

You rocked my world
You rocked me good
I rocked of laughter
I'll laugh forever
Keep rockin'
And rollin'
Rockin' rollin'
Laugh out loud
Then I shout
Hurrah, hurrah
Chona Mae is hurr...

thank you fetisha. is very beautiful even if i dont understand it very much coz the english is deeper than my english but i understand that you are say that i am like rock but i want to tell you that i am only not rock i am also like hip-hop. =) you can go to fetisha's sight: thanks!

p.s. mam tess is come back tomorrow. i am very exciting for the pasalubong. =)


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