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Monday, August 23, 2004

no vacation

i'm happy that many of you are still write to me here. you make me very happy and inspire me also in doing my job and in cleaning the household chores. you always give me more power.

i ask mam tess last saturday if i can have a homecoming in romblon and vacation to see my mama and my papa. is very nervous coz mam tess do not like it everytime i ask her for vacation. maybe she is scared to loose me coz i know that mam tess will missed me if i leave.

i go to the upstairs of the house to go to the room of mam tess. i face the door for a while coz i cannot knock. is very scared and is very nervious. i'm very wet. my face is full of sweat. i hear footsteps in the inside of the room. i hear and i feel that mam tess is coming out of the room. when i see that the doornab is moving, i turn my back and face the wall so that she will not know that i am waiting in the outside.

mam tess: o? chona? bat ka nakaharang sa daan? tumabi ka nga.

chona mae: po? naglilinis po ako.

mam tess: naglilinis? nakatulala ka lang e. tumabi ka nga, di ako makalabas ng kwarto.

chona mae: tapos napo ako maglinis. iniinspeksyoin ko na lang po kung madumi pa yung kisame.
mam tess: niloloko mo ba ako? humarap ka nga sa akin at tumabi ka dyan. di ako makalabas ng pinto. nakaharang ka sa dadaanan ko.

chona mae: sorry po.

mam tess: malinis na ba ang kusina?

chona: mam?

mam tess: o? sabi ko, kung nalinis mo na ang kusina.

chona mae: opo. wala na po yung kusina. the kitchen is gone

mam tess: ano? anong wala na?

chona mae: ay. wala na pong dumi. sorry po. is my fault. wrong answer.

mam tess: a ewan sige. mawawala nga pala ako ng ilang araw. aalis ako sa monday pupunta akong bangkok. kayo na bahala dito sa bahay ha. isang linggo akong mawawala.

chona mae: aalis din po kayo?

mam tess: oo. bakit? sino pang aalis?

chona mae: aalis din po ako e. uuwi po akong romblon.

mam tess: teka, nagpaalam ka na ba? kanino ka nagpaalam?

i get scared after coz the voice of mam tess is louder coz she is surprised.

chona mae: po? joke lang po. happy trips po. di po ako aalis.

mam tess. a ewan. sige na. may pupuntahan pa ako.

that's why i am not leave coz i was not able to ask. maybe next time maybe. hay. i'm very boring here in the house. i want to go home and go to the beach coz we have many pretty beaches in romblon. we are also near boracay but boracay is the beach of the rich people and of the celebrities so i am not go there. i will only go there if mam tess is go there.

i'm also sad coz some are joking me and saying that they are reynante and that they have a sight like me. they even copy the design of my sight with falling dots from all over the place. reynante is not know how to write and read. he only knows little. he is only grade one and then he stopped. reynante's true name is reynante jose p. aragon not reynante bercasio. dah! you cannot joke me. i am smart and bright and intelligent and wise and brilliant and fine also.

p.s. again.

i hope mam tess will buy me new bra and panty and a sholder bag from bangkok so that i will have imported things but she always give me kitkat and nestle crunch and butterfingers when she comes from abroad but is ok. i like chocolates.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

potah.. ang gling mo ah!! hahahah.. idol kita chona mae!! mabuhay ka!!

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am smart and bright and intelligent and wise and brilliant and fine also

well, di masyado. Di straight ang english mo. Wrong grammar ka, di tama. Next time, itagalog mo nalang para di ka pagtawanan. OK?

7:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

common sense lang yan! if you are bright you don't have to argue with chona anymore. co'z she's all about fiction and humor ok.

9:01 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ayus ah! galing mo, chona! nakakatawa ka talaga!

yung mga tangang naapektuhan sa wrong grammar niya, tanga nga kayo! di niyo ba naiisip na satirical ang blog na ito?

nakakarelieve 'to ng stress. tumawa na lang kasi kayo at wag nang magmarunong!

2:32 PM  
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