Chona In The City

Sunday, October 17, 2004


Friday, October 01, 2004


i was watch a movie with mam tess this afternoon and i get very scaring. i am tell you more stories but i am greet first my friend mam nadine coz is her birthday today. nadine is the ex girlfriends of sir jeff and we are become friends even if they are already a broken family. we become friends after they break hear in the house coz she is go to the kitchen and cry and i am comfort her thats why we are become friends. she is get a nervious breakdown when she is break up with my sir jeff. sometimes she is visit me and give me chocolates also.



is very exciting and is very happy also today coz mam tess is peace with me already. she is ask me to join her to watch movie later. i am not angry on mam tess for shouting to me anymore. pass is pass. is a close books already. i am also very happy and enjoy very much the YM. I am chat last week with eds and angge pretty. right now i am chat with kadongskie, radioactive camote, fetisha, and rotsen coe. i will write hear to tell you more story about the movie maybe later maybe.


i wish that i am see lawyers in rackwell coz i am go there later. coz mam tess is tell me that we are watch a movie in power plants.